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Skip Tracing

A debtor has left you high and dry and you don't know where they have moved to, but you still want your money - and rightly so!

A Field Call may also uncover that your debtor has shifted ('skipped') location, so what can be done to locate them?

Our experienced staff will use all legally available (internal) Skip Tracing measures at their disposal to try and locate a phone number and/or find where a debtor has moved to. And if we can't find them, all is certainly not lost as GSCM can also offer its clients 'external' Skip Tracing services through our panel of established professional Skip Tracing agents to help locate your debtors whereabouts.

What's in it for you?

  • Ability to locate 'skipped' debtors
  • Improved opportunity to obtain payment
  • Fully trained and professional panel of Skip Tracing agents
  • Local and interstate skip tracing
  • Cost-effective solution