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Other Services

Credit Checks & Reports
Obtaining a properly completed Credit Application form from customers applying for credit is vital, but verifying the information supplied is just as important. Completing a credit check on the applicant can highlight areas of concern and provide you with a better understanding of who you are about to enter into business with and what credit risk they may represent to you business. Contact GSCM to learn more about the various types of credit checks and reports available to you that can assist to safeguard your business from potential bad debts.

Credit Management Consultancy & Training
Need to implement credit management/accounts receivables processes from scratch, or need a fresh set of eyes to review your existing practices? Perhaps your staff could benefit from some on-site training from industry specialists? GSCM management are only too happy to provide these services to you at YOUR business site.  We can design, document and assist you to implement processes specific to your business needs and cash flow requirements

Business Searches & Registers
Knowing who is behind a business/company; if it is registered/de-registered; or whether or not recent ASIC activity is cause for alarm can be vitally important in deciding who to do business with or issue legal proceedings against. GSCM can assist you by undertaking various business, personal name and/or company searches on your behalf.

The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) replaces various old state and national registers and is the vehicle through which Creditors record (and therefore warn other Creditors of) their interest in assets that they have sold or provided to debtors. Not only can GSCM staff search this register for you as part of your credit application process to see what business assets your applicant has encumbered (to assist determine their credit risk), but GSCM can also assist to  secure your interest in any assets that you may have provided to your customers on credit by completing and lodging all required documentation with the PPSR to register your interest.

Property & Title Searches
Common in the trades area, sometimes Tradies only invoice the person that they have directly negotiated with believing them to be the sole property owner. A Title Search can help establish if any other property owners exist. If they do then they may also legally be pursued for the debt as they have been 'unjustly enriched' by the works undertaken on their property. Property and Title searches are also an important part of the process in deciding whether or not it is worth proceeding with bankruptcy or liquidation action, and, if writing to a Mortgagee on behalf of Local Government and Water Authority customers.