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Field Call Services

Not sure if the amount of the account warrants proceeding with legal action or not, or, you want to give an individual one last chance before you do issue proceedings? A Field Call by one of our panel of established agents could do the trick!

We regularly encounter debtors who simply ignore our demand letters and either won't answer the phone or the phone number has been disconnected. A personal visit (Field Call) by one of our trained Field Agents may be the key to re-establishing contact with your debtor; discussing the account with them; obtaining new contact details; confirming that they have vacated the premises; obtaining information on assets and employment; and, getting them to pay your account.

Field Calls are essentially only applicable to consumer accounts (i.e. individuals) and an important service for low $value accounts.

What's in it for you?

  • Face-to-face contact with debtors ignoring letters and phone calls
  • Get instant commitment to pay accounts
  • Established panel of fully trained and experienced Field Call agents (local & interstate)
  • Opportunity to obtain new contact details / location
  • Gain better insight into a debtor's ability to pay / asset & employment position
  • Cost-effective solution