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Debt Collection

You have done the work, or, provided the goods/services, but now your customer won't pay you and refuses to answer your calls. Put simply, whether it is out of pure principle, or, you simply need the additional cash flow, you DESERVE TO BE PAID! So, what are your options and how do you proceed?

You can either continue wasting your time and resources banging your head up against the wall (before eventually writing the account off), or, you can exhibit to your customer (debtor) that you are serious about it and 'escalate' the issue by referring the account to GSCM for debt collection. At least by referring the account to GSCM for debt collection you are giving yourself a chance of getting more than the 100% of nothing you are currently receiving from your debtor. Too many businesses simply write accounts off without even referring them to an agent for debt collection. At GSCM, we strongly believe that every overdue account should go through debt collection as an end point to your accounts receivable process.

When the line has to be drawn on overdue accounts, we are here to work for you and give you the best chance of recovering your money, saving you time and money in the process.  Whether you are a large or small business, using our expertise and skills in debt collection will enable you to focus on what you do best. The value of escalating overdue accounts to a neutral third party cannot be underestimated.

What's in it for you?

  • An opportunity for you to focus on your core departmental / business activities
  • Management of your overdue debtors by debt collection industry experts
  • Free (solicitor and non-solicitor) demand letters and phone calls
  • No collection / No commission
  • Full range of investigative, process and litigation services through our associated agents and lawyers (refer to Legal / Litigation Services, Field Call Services, Skip Tracing pages)
  • On-line access to your accounts 24/7 (upon request) and regular contact from your account manager to discuss your accounts and recovery options
  • On-site meetings at your office to discuss specific accounts, if requested