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Credit Applications / Terms & Conditions Preparation

Our experience in designing business specific Credit Applications and Terms & Conditions can provide you with some peace of mind that your customers are less likely to default on payment.

It’s not insurance, but a solid credit application process and robust Terms & Conditions could save you thousands and warn off potential bad debtors looking for easy prey. It's not about making life difficult for your customers, it is about protecting your investment in your business - good customers will always respect the processes you have in place.

A tailored Credit Application form can assist you in gaining important customer information from which you can then make an informed decision on whether or not you will want to enter into business with the applicant.

Appropriately worded Terms & Conditions can also put you one step ahead in recovering costs incurred by you in the collection of an overdue account - even after being referred to us for debt collection activity.

What's in it for you?

  •     Application design and development, tailored to your business
  •     Improved customer information
  •     Ability to set appropriate credit limits on your customers
  •     Terms & Conditions that you may rely on in Court
  •     Added protection to your bottom line
  •     An improved customer base (i.e. less likely to be targeted by undesirable customers)