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Court Ordered Judgments

by Carl Jones

We are often asked by clients "How long does a court ordered judgment stay against a persons/businesses credit record?" The answer is 5 years, irrespective of whether or not the judgement debt has been paid out.

This is the same timeframe afforded to the reporting of Payment Defaults (eg. utilities companies reporting unpaid bills and/or disconnections) and Credit Enquiries (eg. a bank checking on your credit record as part of a loan application process).

However, if the judgment debt remains unpaid, then depending on the jurisdiction in which the judgment order was issued, the Plaintiff/Creditor has between 12 to 15 years from date of judgment to 'enforce' the order (i.e. issue post-judgment legal action such as Bankruptcy proceedings, Summons for Oral Examination, Warrant for Seizure & Sale of Assets, etc.).